Coaching to clarify your next steps and bring you closer to a meaningful, aligned career.

I work with people seeking a new role, preparing for a promotion, dealing with redundancy or figuring out a longer-term vision for their career.

Career coaching for...

I see career and work as a core form of self-expression. It’s about how we relate to the world, what we expect from life, how our outer world reflects our sense of self-worth.
Work can be a incredible ground for self-expression, fulfilment and connection. It can be the place we feel we’re living from a sense of purpose and having that win-win of positive impact and personal satisfaction.
When it’s not right though, it can be a slog, and a source of frustration. It may not be easy to craft a career that truly works for you, but it couldn’t be more worthwhile.
In this work, we unpack and unpick the fears, self-doubt and confusion. We make space for longing, imagination and visions. We come up with ideas, plans and experiments to uncover and initiate the right next step.
"The sessions with Christina helped me deepen my understanding of the beliefs that were standing in the way of success and I now feel like I can look at these beliefs as something of the past. I’m moving forward now with more awareness and a changed perspective on my process. The work with Christina was really deep and fulfilling, she listened and held the space and directed the process to a fruitful end. She is a capable coach who provides a calm, safe and professional space."
Inma Piqueras Ramos

Some of my beliefs about work....

"I was looking for a sense of direction - more happiness and a clear decision on where to take my work. The coaching made things so much clearer and changed my perspective on my life and my work. The coaching with Christina has given me the confidence and self-belief to say and do what I believe with conviction."
Neil Carter

Every career change is unique...

Some career transitions arrive uninvited and unexpected. I support people with the disorientation of these experiences, finding our way through to whatever that next chapter might be.
Other transitions feel long overdue, and clients here have a sense of being in a box that’s too small, or stuck in a traffic jam, longing for the open road. They know they’re ready for a change, but they need support imagining, defining or moving towards it.
In these cases, coaching helps clients to build their confidence and their sense of motivation. They get clear on what they want, how to manage the risks and take steps towards a new destination.
Considering working with me? Want to meet and see if it's a good fit?
We can have a 30-minute, non-salesy conversation to talk about your business and see if coaching is the right next step.