About me

Before becoming a coach, I was a strategic marketing consultant and a software project manager. I worked closely with businesses on branding, search marketing, content strategy and social media. I managed projects for SME’s, guiding them to put in place solid marketing plans to support their goals. This work continues to inform me as a coach and brings a practical, structured style to my work.
I trained in personal and business coaching with the Barefoot school in the UK and I am accredited with the International Coaching Federation as an Professional Certified Coach (PCC). I trained as a professional marketer with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and I have completed a year-long counselling skills training as well as mental health first-aid training.

My journey with coaching...

My experience of coaching – and life – has not been one of straightforward progress or linear achievement. I’ve never been the kind of person who sets their goals, makes a plan and just gets it done (sounds dreamy, but no). Life has tended to laugh in the face of my most carefully constructed action steps and strategies.

I used to be hard on myself about this – why do I keep saying what I want and then doing the complete opposite? How come I’ve got clear on my vision, and a whole different thing is happening? How come I’m not clear at all, I’m actually all over the shop?

I realise now that my unruly relationship with change had a lot to tell me. My goals were often too small. Sometimes they were disconnected from reality, or they involved me overriding my own wellbeing. They required me to be rigid or externally-oriented, when what I really needed was to listen more deeply and slow the f**k down.

This pushed me to make space for all the versions of me, especially the ones who seemed slow and uncooperative. I uncovered the self-criticism and perfectionism that were driving my plans. I dug out the mechanics of toxic productivity, the ways I’d neglected and rejected the most tender parts of me for the sake of progress.

If this is your trajectory too, then you’ve probably realised that there’s no quick fix to the puzzle of your life.
It’s more like a deepening and opening. An internal confidence beneath the surface that doesn’t need perfection or external validation to make it real, but naturally sets the stage for good things.

Some things to know about me...

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