Create a business that gives you freedom, flexibility and joy. Work in a way that truly suits you, without the hustle and grind.

I coach clients through the early stages of discovering and developing an idea, so it can become a viable income for them. With more established owners, we find ways to scale, manage and fall back in love with the business they’ve worked so hard to create.

What will you gain from business coaching?

Starting and growing a business can be a journey of transformation and personal development.

As you overcome beliefs and habits that are blocking you in your business, you become a more fully-expressed, authentic version of who you are.

I believe there’s a time to move slowly in business, and a time to embrace momentum and go full throttle.

The seemingly slow times can be hard if we’re wrapped up in the paradigm of constant productivity and outward action. But when we let our ideas come to fruition in good time, our progress is steady and sustainable. 

The fast times are a lot of fun when we’ve properly paved the way. This is the moment to take the leap and allow things to change quickly. Sounds easy, but the big job here is learning to be seen in new ways, take on more responsibility and let go of control!

Business moves in cycles, just like life does. It’s not a process of constant growth and activity, it’s a push and pull between the new and the old, life and death, action and rest.

"Christina has been my business coach for the last 6 months. My journey with her has been incredible. Through working with her I gained clarity and challenged myself. However more importantly she gave me perspective and enabled me to recognise my successes whilst identifying learnings. Christina is non-judgemental and helped me to be the best version of myself. It can be lonely at the top, so I appreciated a valuable critical friend. Christina provided valuable advice, tips and strategies. I highly recommend Christina."
Julia Williams

A practical, smart approach to business.

"I've worked with Christina over several months on a business coaching programme. Her wealth of experience, skills and patience really make working together a joy and not a chore! Highly recommended for anyone needing help growing their business, no matter what size/industry. Especially helpful for myself was that Christina also has an IT background."
Chris Mann

My story...

I’d wanted to run a business for a long time before I knew what it would be. Having supported many companies to flourish and grow over the years as a strategic marketer and consultant, I knew I wanted to apply all that experience to my own work.

There was a lot of soul-searching and training involved – no quick fix here! At times I wanted a more straightforward route, but I’m glad I didn’t rush. The result is work that is truly inspiring and fulfilling, where I get to be my whole, real self.

After years of stress and burnout, my priority was to create a spacious, sustainable business. Flexibility is also key, so that I can keep re-inventing and creating as the business grows.

Considering working with me? Want to meet and see if it's a good fit?
We can have a 30-minute, non-salesy conversation to talk about your business and see if coaching is the right next step.