Sometimes life offers us the space to get to know ourselves more fully. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like a choice.

It can be grief, loss or sudden change. It can be a sense that things have got too stable and it’s time for a change of scene. Often there’s a whisper from our mind or our body that a new phase is happening, and we need to get on board. Coaching helps you make sense of things in exciting new ways, even when the situation itself is challenging.

What will you gain from personal coaching?

Personal coaching can span emotional, spiritual and practical domains. 

We can work on time-management, planning and prioritisation if you need some practical anchoring and accountability. Often this clears the way to be able to engage more fully with goals that really bring you alive.

This work is fundamentally about connection and relationship, starting with yourself. We are focusing on how you are doing, what your experience is and how you are speaking to yourself internally. The content of our sessions can come from your feelings and thoughts, your relationships, your dreams.
There’s often a desire here to be less motivated by what other people think or what you’ve inherited as ‘the right way to live’. To experience a sense of motivation and drive when it’s all got a bit ‘meh’. Or to find the brakes when your life feels like an overwhelming, crazy runaway train.
Some clients come to coaching when it’s all too much and they know they need support to move forward in a way they aren’t used to. Others have got to a place where there’s enough stability to ask new questions about what is meaningful to them and what a sense of purpose or vision would be at this point in their life.
This can be quite a practical process, where we look at really tangible changes. That might be new habits, mapping out an important project or starting something brand new when it’s easier not to. This is what I love about coaching (and something my clients often comment on): we can move between the in-depth internal processes into really practical steps and experiments for change.
"I was looking for clarity and for someone to assist me in sorting my messy and tangled thoughts and feelings. I initially felt I could just figure it all out on my own, but my old beliefs and conditioning were getting in the way. The work we did together felt effortless, flowing, nurturing and empowering. I now have access to a new-found sense of inner knowing and connection, a quiet peace and inner confidence that I can access on my own any time I choose. I’m deeply grateful for the work with Christina. She’s an amazing, highly skilled practitioner with a beautiful capacity to hold space in the most gentle, non-intrusive way."
Olya Chaschin
"I was looking for a sense of direction and clarity. I was also hoping for some relief from the issues I’d been facing and for a renewed sense of inspiration. I was getting in my own way because of some mindset blocks so I knew I needed some support! Working with Christina was calming and constructive, shifting my mindset in an ‘aha moment’ way. I have a much better outlook on these things now and feel more confident in terms of my own reactions. I feel a sense of contentment around my original goals for the coaching, and I’d tell anyone who’s thinking of coaching with Christina to absolutely do it!"
Jen Zenden

Key personal coaching principles...

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