Looking forward to meeting you

A virtual coffee, a chemistry call, a free consultation… whatever we might call it, let’s have a chat. I’ll ask you what you’re hoping for from the coaching, and I’ll share a bit about my approach. Not a weird sales call, just a conversation for us both to find out more.

"Christina is the best listener I have ever worked with. She is everything in a coach that I aspire to be. She provides space for thinking, gentle prompts, clarification when I'm muddled and an ability to summarise my thoughts in a way I have never experienced before. Thank you for everything you do for me (and my business) Christina, you are invaluable."
Hayley Gillard
"The coaching with Christina has given me the confidence and self-belief to say and do what I believe with conviction. It’s shown me that there are no barriers to where I can take myself, that I can stop doubting myself or procrastinating because there are no failures, just lessons learned! Christina is ingenious in the way she can help draw out the obstacles and help someone to find their own answers."
Neil Carter